The Probate Premium Service is our most comprehensive estate administration.

With the premium service, we take full responsibility for dealing with the Grant application and all aspects of the administration. This service includes:

- Meeting the family, if required, to collect the paperwork and to discuss any issues
- Making the funeral arrangements and death registration
- Identifying the assets, debts and beneficiaries of the estate
- Getting values for and securing assets attached to the estate
- Applying for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration on your behalf
- Filling out all Inheritance Tax Papers
- Selling, transferring and collecting in assets or settling outstanding debts
- Settling all income and capital gains tax affairs on behalf of the deceased
- Obtaining all necessary tax clearances
- Creating a full estate account
- Keeping the beneficiaries and executors of the estate fully informed

We know that when a loved one dies it is hard to deal with probate matters. To make your life easier at this difficult time, we will give you an efficient, professional and sensitive service.

How The Probate Premium Service Can Help You

The Probate Premium Service can save you a lot of stress in a time when your thoughts are elsewhere. It is important you grieve with your family so we are here to manage the estate for you. Our sensitive and professional service can help you to get all legal matters in order effectively, efficiently and with care.

How We Work

We will listen to you carefully and then choose the best course of action so your legal needs are met. We also talk to you in plain English throughout the process so you understand your position within the law.

If you would like to learn more about our probate-related services or if you are still looking for information or guidance, contact Amanda or one of her team on 01235 819039. 


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